09 April 2014

Spring Flowers

April showers bring......a PlanetBox of flowers.

In this lunch:  Flower shaped hard boiled egg (I cut the middle out to expose the yolk), baby carrots, radishes, Trader Joe's chocolate sunflower seed drops, Tulip and daisy shaped turkey sandwiches, kiwi slices, and Annie's bunny grahams.

Same or similar items used today:
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  1. Love all the flowers. I have a question, though. How does the lunch box close with the flower silicone cup holding the bunny grahams?

    1. Hi Sarah! Great question. The PlanetBox is not an air tight box and is held shut with a latch. When I close the lid it folds down the flower cup on the edges and I am able to latch the box as normal :).

    2. Good to know! :) Thanks for answering. I envy all of these fun bento boxes and supplies from afar, but haven't actually ever seen or touched one in person... it's hard to keep all the features straight. :)


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