27 April 2014

O is for Owl

It has been a while since I did a "letter" themed lunch.  I am really hoping to finish the alphabet before school gets out this year.  Lets face it, two school years seems like long enough to get through all the letters of the alphabet.  I was reviewing my previous alphabet lunches and noticed that "O" was somehow skipped over, so todays lunch will fill that gap and there is only Y & Z left!!!

In this lunch:  Owl sandwiches with carrot beaks and feet and  food picks for the eyes.  One has turkey in it and the other has ham.  The rest of the lunch includes:  orange slices, strawberries, baby carrots, an "O" cookie, and cucumbers.  The cucumbers are stacked on each other to resemble feathers.

The lunch is sitting atop an owl Matkin (isn't it cute!!).  A review of Matkins is coming soon.

Items used today:
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