21 April 2014

Earth Day

Tomorrow is Earth Day!  I made a little earth themed bento for my girl.  I purposefully used only food that is grown from the dirt of our earth <3  I was racing the sun as it was falling from the sky tonight to get this bento made so I could photo it out in the natural light before it was gone.

In this lunch:  Broccoli, baby carrots, strawberries, and yellow cherry tomatoes.  The earth is made from black beans on the bottom of the cup, blue colored rice, and unshelled edamame continents.

I had intended on using my natural food coloring to color the rice blue, however, I discovered tonight that I don't have blue natural food coloring.  Since I was in a rush (racing against sunset) and already had this bento planned out in my head I used the food coloring I had on hand.

Happy Earth Day!

Items used today:

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