02 March 2014

Read Across America Day

Today (Sunday March 2nd) is Read Across America Day, aka Dr. Seuss's birthday.  Since this day occurs on a weekend day this year, it will be celebrated in schools across America on Monday.  I decided to make a quick and simple lunch this year and yes, this time I did green eggs and ham (for all those that were expecting it last year!).

In this lunch: Green eggs, ham roll ups, cucumbers, apple slices, and tucked underneath the green cup is a whole row of baby carrots.  I also packed a side snack of colored gold fish.  Might as well add another Dr. Seuss book to today's lunch....one fish, two fish, red fish, (in a) blue fish.  haha!

I "painted" the egg yolks with my natural dye free food coloring.  I also added the little yellow hat pick to represent Sam-I-Am.

"Do you like green eggs and ham?"

Items used today:
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  1. Ahh haaa! This is SO MUCH FUN! ~ Anna you are Awesome, babe!

  2. I love how the eggs look like eyes staring back at me - and poking out a tongue!


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