04 March 2014

Monbento Square Review

As I said before, I had been searching for a square bento box to add to my ever growing bento box collection and lucky for me monbento had recently added one to their line of bento boxes.

In my package from France was a modern and sleek bento box.  The new monbento square lives up to my expectations of a monbento product (see monbento original review).

What's in the box??

The monbento square comes complete with 8 pieces.  Inside the box are:  1 top lid, 2 containers, 2 intermediary lids, 1 inner container, and 2 elastic straps.  I love that monbento includes two straps so the box can be used as a single tier or a double tier.  I have been using one tier of the monbento square when packing lunch for my daughter.  However, I could easily use two tiers and pack a lunch for my husband with the same bento box. The monbento square is BPA free.  It is microwave and dishwasher safe.  This box holds a total capacity of 1.7 L.  Other than the shape, the main difference I have found from the original monbento is that the outside does not have the soft touch feel.  This box is the same hard plastic inside and outside.  The one negative I have found is that the intermediary lids are hard to open.  My daughter needs assistance to open the lids, but there is someone to help at lunch time at her preschool.

What's for lunch today?

Today we have:  Strawberries, cucumber slices, orange slices, and Trader Joe's chicken cilantro mini wontons.

Items used today:

Disclosure - I received a monbento square in exchange for this review.  All product information is from the monbento website or product pamphlet and all opinions are based on my own use of this product.
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