24 February 2014

Tom and Jerry

The cat and mouse games of Tom and Jerry have been around for many, many years.  My children have just discovered these classic cartoons.

In this lunch:  "Jerry" hard boiled egg, ham rolls, Trader Joe's cheddar rocket crackers, orange slice, strawberries, "Tom & Jerry" watermelon, crinkle cut cucumber slices, and a Trader Joe's mango coconut chocolate.

I molded the egg with a popsicle mold (see below) using this technique.  I placed a paper towel in the lower part of the mold to help keep the egg in the top portion.  The face details did not mold on to the egg very well, I will try again another day :)

If you live in the UK you can stop on by your local McDonald's and order a happy meal and these fun bento tools are the toys inside.  Unfortunately, they are not available in the USA (which made me want them sooo much more).  I was able to buy the Tom and Jerry cutter and Jerry popsicle mold off eBay.

Other items used today:

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