02 February 2014

Super Bowl Sunday

It's Super Bowl Sunday, so we made a fun little football themed lunch this afternoon for preschool tomorrow.  I tried to represent both teams but when it was done there was definitely one team that was represented more :)  Can you guess who I am rooting for?

In this lunch:  Kiwi, football pistachios, orange pepper rings, celery, green goldfish, and a football shaped ham sandwich.

I was excited how these little pistachio footballs turned out.  I drew football details on the shell with a FooDoodler.  Super easy!  I <3 them.  

Items used today:
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  1. Your pistachio footballs are genius! My nephew would love it.

  2. Love the football pistachios! And they go with the cute pistachio ad during the game!

  3. Anna, how did you ever come up with those pistachio footballs? Those are genius!!

  4. This is such a fun lunch - and you picked the right colors too ( I'm a big Broncos fan) Thanks for sharing it for Fancy Sandwich Friday :)


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