05 January 2014

Happy New Year bento

Hopefully everyone is still enjoying the new year.  Tomorrow preschool FINALLY resumes.  Although New Years Day has past, I still wanted to do a New Years themed lunch for the first bento of 2014.

In this lunch:  Orange slices as the clock (the hands are cut out of the orange peel), grape tomatoes, turkey sandwiches on Italian bread (one is a smiley face sandwich to represent "happy" and the other has "new year" stamped on it), carrot confetti, and a banana.  The year was stamped on the banana with my number cutters from this set.  To leave a stamp on a banana just push on the cutter with enough pressure to leave an imprint and then it will brown after a couple of minutes.

This lunch is packed in my yubo lunchbox.  If you are in the market for this lunchbox click here for a discount code of $5 off a  $29 or more purchase to use at getyubo.com.

Items used today:
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