15 December 2013

Rudolph sandwich lunch

I ran across some Rudolph and abominable snow man lip pops at the Dollar Tree the other day and I could not resist buying them.  As a result you all get to see another Rudolph lunch this Holiday season.

In this PlanetBox:  Strawberries, whipped cream, Christmas gold fish, a peppermint, sugar snap peas, red pepper "berries", cucumber holly leaf and a Rudolph sandwich.  The Rudolph sandwich is made with turkey on Italian bread with pretzel antlers and candy eyes.  I decided to color the whole eye in with my food markers to help give the appearance of a doe-y eye.  However, this just made for a big mess the next day as the marker seemed to accelerate the melting process.  I ended up replacing the eyes in the morning.  A Rudolph lip pop was used to embellish the sandwich.

When I finished making the lunch I went to close the lid and guess what....it did not close.  The lip pop nose is too tall for the PlanetBox rover.  I did not feel like switching the lunch to a different lunchbox so I just pulled poor Rudolph's mouth and nose off and laid it on it's side.  I informed my daughter that she would have to place it back on when it was time for lunch....crisis averted sort of.....

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