29 December 2013

Day Camp Lunch and Snacks

Preschool has been on hiatus for "winter break".  To break up some of the monotony of staying home, we sent our daughter off to gymnastics day camp for a day of play.  Normally, I only pack a lunch for her and preschool provides the snacks.  For gymnastics day camp you must pack a lunch and two snacks.

Bottom left (snack #1):  Snowflake Ritz crackers and peanut butter in the small pink container.

Top left (snack #2):  Grape tomatoes and edamame.

Right side (lunch):  Orange slices, cucumber slices, and leftover lasagna.

This lunch and snacks is packed in our round Hello Kitty nesting boxes.  These boxes were a gift to us and I have yet to find them available online.

Items used today:
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