15 October 2013


I received happy bento mail the other day :-)  I was very excited to receive the new CuteZcute animal palz!!! They are super cute, versatile, and easy to use.  I promptly put them to good use.  Welcome to Transylvania!

Top section:  Bat/vampire peanut butter pocket sandwiches, pretzel stick "stakes", spider gummies, and vampire teeth shaped applesauce. The applesauce was frozen in this mold.  And yes, it will be completely melted by lunch.  But hey, it keeps the apple sauce cold!  My original plan was to use eggs to make the teeth but I only had two eggs in the house and well, it just did not work.  I need to experiment more........

Bottom section:  Red grapes, grape tomatoes, and coffin shaped cucumbers.

Items used in this lunch (affiliate links follow):


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