30 October 2013

Halloween Finale

Happy Halloween!!!  Tonight we have a triple lunch post.  Fun Halloween lunches for everyone!

A "Jason mask" lunch for mom.

Left compartment: Jason mask quesadilla.  The quesadilla has green chile, cheese, and chicken inside.

Top right:  Blackberries and pomegranate seeds.

Bottom right:  Tortilla chips.  Not pictured - salsa packed in a mini dipper.

This lunch is packed in an EasyLunchbox.

Haunted house lunch for the preschooler.

Left container:  Grilled cheese haunted house, American cheese full moon, yellow sunburst tomatoes, and grape tomatoes.

Top right container:  Edamame with a spooky black cat pick.

Bottom container:  Jack 'o lantern clementine. (decorated with a sharpie and a leaf pick)

This lunch is packed in a yubo lunchbox.

FINGER food for the toddler.

Cheese stick fingers, pretzel sticks, carrot fingers, edamame as witch fingers, hot dog fingers with onion nails and bloody ketchup, blackberries, and pomegranate seeds.

This lunch is served in a muffin tin.

Items used in these lunches:


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