06 October 2013

Halloween Angry Birds

In this lunch:  Kiwi berries, applesauce, Angry Bird cheese nips, black olives (I had some mutant ones in my jar-cut on the sides instead of top & bottom), grape tomatoes, baby carrots, and an Angry Bird Frankenstein pig sandwich.  The sandwich is ham on Italian bread.  Decorated with an Angry Bird pig lip pop stem and pieces from a Frankenstein pumpkin decorating kit (from the Dollar Tree).  He has candy eyes and cheese stick ears.  I used the larger container that comes with the PlanetBox rover to cut the bread into a circle to be used for the pig's head.

Special thanks to Michelle of Creative Fun Food for sending me the Angry Bird lip pops :-)
Check out the fun food she made with the lip pops here.

Items used in this lunch:


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