28 October 2013

A simple way to spook up lunch

One lunch two ways.  The photo on the left is the regular lunch.  The photo on the right is the spooked up version of the exact same lunch.  It literally took two seconds to add a touch of Halloween to this lunch using a pumpkin decorating kit.

In this lunch:  Leftover pizza, half a banana, sweet peppers, and sugar snap peas.

This lunch is packed in a Circo lunchbox found at Target.

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  1. Great idea!
    I just got some Monsters U lip pops so I could do something similar. I never thought about pumpkin decorating kits. Brilliant!

  2. Loved going thru ur lovely bentos !!
    I have a worldwide Giveaway of 2 copies of my book-"Fun Food for Fussy Little Eaters' would love you to join in..


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