15 September 2013

Tomica Cars & A Pretzel

Another meatless Monday and I just realized it is another PlanetBox Monday!  A little lunch fun with Tomica cars.

In this PlanetBox lunch:  Mini car watermelon pieces, broccoli, cheese sauce in the car container, dried pineapple pieces, soft pretzel, pretzel salt in the Tomica car spice container, grape tomatoes, and black olives.

Items used in this lunch:

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  1. Ooh, the pretzel is an inspiring idea! Is that a 'Superpretzel' and you let it thaw in the lunch?

  2. @healthfulsaver.com
    Yes, it is a super pretzel. I had them in the refrigerator so it was not frozen but you could definitely pack it frozen and it will help keep the lunch cool and it should be thawed before lunch time.


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