26 September 2013

School Picture Day

Tomorrow is picture day at preschool.  I made a little lunch to remind my daughter to smile big for her school picture.

Top compartments:  Carrots, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, and kiwi berries.  A smile lip pop stem is in the compartment with the kiwi berries.

Bottom compartment:  Camera sandwich - made from Italian bread, herb roasted turkey breast, and accent detail (lens, shutter button, and flash) are raisin bread that is "glued" on with a little butter.  Trader Joe's sesame sticks topped with American cheese "cheese" complete this lunch.

I have seen some fun camera bentos for picture day this year, here a few of them.

Bento School Lunches

Feeling a Little Lunchy

Keeley McGuire Blog

Items used in this lunch:

Speaking of pictures, I have a new blog design.....Hurray!!!  I am very excited :-D  My blog designer was so awesome and accommodated me in anyway she could.  And trust me I am a difficult client!  If you are in the market for a blog design check her out at Forever Tulip.  What do you think of it??

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  1. I love this lunch! I might have to borrow this for next week when it's our picture day. And I LOVE LOVE your updated blog!! Congratulations!! It looks amazing!

  2. Thanks for sharing mine too! I love yours! And those big teeth are fabulous!!!

  3. And I LOVE your blog makeover!! Looks amazing!

  4. So, so cute! We always say to say KIMCHI since our son is Korean!


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