11 September 2013

Make Your Own Tacos with Sesame Street

 A leftovers lunch on Thursday.....say what??!  Yes that is right, this weeks leftovers on Fridays is actually taking place on Thursday due to the fact that Friday of this week is Friday the 13th!!  Stay tuned for a spooky lunch tomorrow.

For today's lunch we have a little "make your own" taco lunch made fun with a touch of Sesame Street.

Top compartments:  Orange pepper rings and green grapes.

Bottom compartment:  Leftover taco beef, rice, and black beans mixed together in the Sesame Street container.  Shredded cheese in yellow Lego container.  Black olives and blue corn tortillas x 2 finish off this lunch.

Photo with all the lids off so you can actually see what is in the lunch, but not quite as cute this way!

*I found the Sesame Street snack container at Target in the dollar spot*

Items used in this lunch:


Link up your lunches that use leftovers.  For more information about this linky party click here.

Leftovers on Fridays
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  2. Loving that it happened to be Thursday this week! I actually happened to have leftovers on Thursday and not on Friday and was bummed I wouldn't get to participate. Hooray I get to!

  3. What a fun lunch! We found those little boxes too.. so cute!


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