14 September 2013

I received quite a few questions via my social media networks about the egg skulls in today's lunch.  So many in fact, I decided to do my first ever tutorial!

Step 1 -  Boil the eggs.  The eggs need to be hard boiled.  This takes some time.  I boil my eggs for 20 minutes.

Step 2 - Peel the eggs.  The eggs need to stay warm and pliable so you need to work fast.  I peel my eggs under running cold water.  This keeps the outer shell cool enough to peel and saves your fingers from getting burned.

Step 3 - Press the warm egg firmly into the mold. (I used this ice mold) It is OK if it cracks on the back side.  Imperfections will be trimmed off later.

Step 4 - Keep pressure on the eggs while they cool.  To do this I used the top of the bento box and used my daughters head band to secure to the back of the eggs.

Step 5 -  Cool the eggs.  To expedite the cooling step, I place my egg mold in the freezer for 5-10 minutes.

Step 6 - Gently ease the eggs out of the mold.

Step 7 - Trim excess.

Check out the How To slide show.

I cannot take credit for this idea.  I knew I had seen eggs being molded with silicone molds before. I racked my brain and I finally remembered!  It was a guest post by Lise from Veggie-Bento titled 3 uses for silicone molds.  She did a quail egg skull last year, check it out here.
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  1. You can also let them cool, then peel, then drop into hot water for a minute before popping into the mold. Saves burning fingers, and no need to plan ahead for all the shapes you want when you boil a batch of eggs!

  2. Thank you for the amazing tutorial!

  3. Brilliant tutorial, thank you so much!!

  4. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. The skulls look amazing.

  5. This is awesome! Never thought about using an ice mold.. whole new possibilities!

  6. That's really cool! I hadn't thought to use a silicon mold either. I have egg molds, but still haven't gotten good at using them! They turned out great!


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