26 August 2013

The Peanuts Gang in a PlanetBox

This year I decided to do my Halloween costume shopping early!  This (and the weather today) got me in a "fallish" mood and reminded me that Charlie Brown TV specials are just around the corner.  I know, I know, Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin is still 2 months away from airing but trust me that time will fly by!

I dug out some of my old Peanuts bento things and mixed them with some new things I ordered at the beginning of the summer.

In this PlanetBox:  Lucy sandwich made with Italian bread and turkey breast, mini club crackers with peanut butter to spread in the Woodstock cup, red grapes, mango with Snoopy stamped on, a piece of and apple Nutri-Grain bar with Snoopy drawn on, red & orange pepper rings.

Items used in this lunch:

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  1. Love this lunch! Lucy is my favorite!

  2. I look forward to the Great Pumpkin every year - Charlie Brown has always been my favorite! thanks for sharing this cute lunch for Fancy Sandwich Friday!


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