08 August 2013

Rock the Lunch Box - Picnic Lunches

Back to school season is upon us and everyone is searching for some new school lunch ideas.  Rock the lunch box is a great resource where you can find "rocking ideas on what to pack".  Rock the lunch box is sponsored by four companies:  Stonyfield, Organic Valley, Honest Kids, and Annie's Homegrown.  I was contacted by them to pack a couple lunches for this campaign.  We decided to take our lunches outdoors and have a rocking picnic in the park.

Lunch # 1 - The bunny lunch

Honest kids fruit punch, Stonyfield Yo Kids blueberry yogurt, black olives, hummus in the bunny sauce container (dip for the broccoli), Organic Valley string cheese, Annie's cheddar bunnies, Annie's bunny fruit snacks, peanut butter and honey mini pocket sandwiches, cherries, and broccoli.

Food items used in these picnic lunches.

Lunch #2 - My toddler's lunch

Organic Valley milk, half a bean and cheese burrito, Annie's shells and white cheddar with broccoli mixed in, Stonyfield Yo Kids smoothie, and Annie's cheddar bunnies.

Items used in these lunches *these are affiliate links*

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