18 August 2013

Back to Preschool

Tomorrow is the first day of the new preschool year.  My daughter is very excited to return to preschool.  I made her a "back to school" bento lunch for her first day back, complete with ABCs, 123s, and a pencil to write those letters and numbers with.

Left box:  Pencil sandwich made with tortilla, ham, egg sheet, and yellow pepper.  There is a chocolate chip used as the lead and it is glued on with peanut butter.  Under the pencil tip is dried mango.
(And of course this is a #2 pencil)

Right box:  Scrabble Cheez-Its, red grapes, and cucumbers.  The 1-2-3 are sweet peppers.  The 2 & 3 are inlaid in the cucumber slice.

This lunch is packed in our bus bento box.

Items used in this lunch:
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