25 July 2013

An Elmo Lunch

We are smack dab in the middle of swimming lessons.  Time is a little short in the evening.  I made my daughter an on the go dinner to eat pool side :-)  Special thanks to my sis-in-law for sending the Elmo sandwich cutter to me last week!

In this lunch:  Elmo sandwich made with ham, Italian bread, an American cheese nose, and black olive eyes. There are goldfish inside the Elmo treat container.  Finishing off the lunch are:  sunburst tomatoes, baby carrots, black olives, and mango chunks.

What I used to make this lunch:

Clic-tite lunchbox.  Marshalls

Elmo sandwich cutter.  Gift

Elmo treat container.  Target

Lettuce silicone cup.  Bento USA

Motrin syringe with tip cut off.

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