19 July 2013

A Leftovers Lunch Failure

As days come and go not all lunches are awesome.  This particular morning, I was very sick and quickly threw this lunch together.  In addition I did not feel like taking the lunch outside to photo as I normally do. Instead, I placed the lunch in the window sill and snapped a few shots.  Direct sunlight is not great for photographing lunches!!!  To top things off, when I picked my daughter up from preschool I was informed that no one was able to open the thermal container and my daughter was unable to eat the main course! Lesson learned here, never put the lid on the thermal container when the food is still steaming!  I was able to finally get the lid off after I warmed the container up in the microwave.  Don't worry my daughter did not starve that day, she was able to pick and choose some things to eat from the snack table.

Left Box:  Goldfish, yellow sunburst tomatoes, and a carrot.

Right Box:  Leftover spaghetti.

Items used in this lunch:


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Leftovers on Fridays

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