17 June 2013

Sea Turtles - Crush & Squirt

I was on a sea theme kick the last couple weeks of school.  Last week I made a Finding Nemo muffin tin meal and today I am sharing Crush & Squirt the bento lunch :-) 

Left side:  Squirt the turtle made from snow peas and broccoli with peanut butter eyes.  This turtle idea was totally stolen from the Lunchbox Dad.  Click here to see his tutorial.  Squirt is swimming in water made of blueberries.

Right side:  Crush has a shell made of roast beef roll ups.  He is hangin' back in the coral made of orange and red pepper rings and a few snow peas. 

What I used to make this bento.

Turtle bento box.  Target

Fish picks.  Ebay

Turtle silicone cups.  Christmas Tree Shop.

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  1. aww....I liked the broccoli and snow peas with peanut butter for eyes idea! Nice!!

  2. @Beauthanks for linking back to my lunchbox dad blog btw! You're awesome Anna


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