30 May 2013

Leftovers on Fridays - Pizza & Bears

Today's lunch is kind of boring.....just a leftover pizza lunch with some bears to add a little cuteness.

Top left:  Baby corn and leftover grilled zucchini.
Top right:  Watermelon bears.
Bottom:  Leftover pizza - I just cut the slice to make it fit in the compartment.
What I used to make this bento.
EasyLunchboxes brights.  EasyLunchboxes.com
Bear cookie cutter.  Daiso Japan
Korilakkuma fork pick.  Sent to me from a friend :)
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Link up your lunches that use leftovers.  For more information about this linky party click here.
Leftovers on Fridays
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29 May 2013

The "Dip It' Lunch

Fun preschool "dip it" lunch with a little pop of fuchsia against the green background.

Top box:  Jalapeno cilantro hummus, Trader Joe's roasted plantain chips, and pita bread.
Bottom box:  Baby corn, roasted zucchini, black olives, apple slices, and peanut butter in the sauce container for dipping.
What I used to make this bento.
Green sprouts alligator box.  Amazon
Purple lace silicone cup.  Jlist.com
Monbento sauce container.  Monbento
Cake slice silicone cup.  Oriental trading co.
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Bentos on the Bayou
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28 May 2013

Cars 2

Top secret mission......LUNCH!

Top box:  Watermelon Lightning McQueen, Mango Tow Mater (the mango scraps are underneath), blackberry road, and half a clementine.

Bottom box:  Francesco Bernoulli and Finn McMissile car sandwiches with turkey and tortilla, pretzels, baby corn, and grilled zucchini.

What I used to make this bento.

Monbento bento box.  monbento.com

Cars 2 cookie cutters.  Williams Sonoma

Lettuce silicone cup.  Bento USA

Square silicone cup.  Daiso Japan

Grass baran.  Bento USA

Traffic light cupcake pick.  A cake shop

Small danger and detour signs.  Dollar Tree

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27 May 2013

The Ranch - Muffin Tin Meal

This week's Muffin Tin Monday theme is farm.  I live in Arizona and ranches are far more common than the classic farm so I went with a ranch spin :-)

Top row:  Pirate's booty lamb wool, chicken mushroom & rice soup in an egg cup, and applesauce in a pig cup.

Bottom row:  Horse shaped grilled cheese, Trader Joe's edamame crackers with laughing cow cheese cut into a chow shape, and black olives & baby corn on cowboy picks.

What I used to make this muffin tin meal.

Muffin Tin.  Albertsons

Egg shell silicone cup (this is actually and egg poacher)  Cost Plus World Market

Horse cookie cutter.  Sur La Table

Mini cow cutter.  Kitchen Collection

Cowboy picks.  Oriental trading co.

Pig silicone cup.  Daiso Japan

Chicken spoon.  Daiso Japan

Sheep cup.  Bento USA

FooDoodler fine line marker (not pictured)  FooDoodler.com

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24 May 2013

A little Mickey & Minnie Mouse fun in our PlanetBox.  Happy Friday everyone!

In this PlanetBox lunch:  Cheez-it crackers, leftover grilled zucchini, baby corn, black olives, Mickey and Minnie watermelon, and leftover Vietnamese noodles.

What I used to make this lunch.

PlanetBox.  Pottery Barn Kids

Mickey & Minnie cutters and stamps.  Bento with Yenn

Minnie cupcake ring.  A cake shop

Mickey mouse silicone cups, picks, and Minnie fork - these were all sent to me from a friend in Japan :-)

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Leftovers on Fridays

21 May 2013

FunBites Giveaway


Its time for a GIVEAWAY!  FunBites was kind enough to sponsor this giveaway.  One of my lucky readers will win their choice of FunBites cutters - squares or hearts.  In honor of this giveaway I made a "square" themed lunch.  For more information on FunBites check out my review.

Top compartment:  Coconut and almond bagel cut with FunBites square cutter and butter in the Lego container.

Bottom left:  Mango chunks cut with FunBites square cutter and blackberries.

Bottom right:  Baby carrots and a square hard boiled egg.  A tiny amount of salt in the train sauce container.

For more lunches I have made using FunBites click here.

What I used to make this bento.

LunchBots Trio.  LunchBots.com

FunBites cutter - squares.  FunBites.com

Lego sauce container.  Bento USA

Square silicone cup.  Daiso Japan

Transportation condiment container.  Ebay

Square egg mold.  Monbento.com

Same or similar items found here:

 A special thanks to FunBites for sponsoring this giveaway.  This means that all of you have a chance of winning your choice of FunBites cutter (squares or hearts).  This giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian residents only.  Enter below for your chance to win.  Winner will be drawn on 5/28/13 and an email will be sent.  Winner has 48 hours to claim prize.  Failure to respond to email will result in a forfeit. 

*Please be aware that you must be doing or have done what the giveaway entry states at the time of the drawing.  Example:  If I pick a winning entry for a comment and you have not commented you will be disqualified or if the winning entry is for liking my FB page and you have unliked it you will be disqualified (this applies for twitter as well), etc.  Also, if you are leaving a comment as "anonymous"  please leave your name in that comment so I can match that comment with your giveaway entry.  Thanks!*

If you don't end up winning, I have a consolation prize.  Enter the code springfun and receive free shipping at funbites.com.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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20 May 2013

"There was an old woman who lived in a shoe.  She had so many children, she didn't know what to do.  She gave them some broth, without any bread, whipped them all soundly, and sent them to bed."

Top Row:  Clementine, watermelon shoe, orange pepper rings with "too many children" picks.

Bottom Row:  ? peanut butter and tortilla sandwich (this represent the question of what to do),  star pasta in chicken broth, and a bed made with cucumbers and carrots.

If you have not guessed yet this weeks muffin tin Monday theme is nursery rhymes.  I did cheat a little this week.  I had all intentions of making this muffin tin for my daughter to eat for lunch today but the truth is it ended up in the muffin tin for staging purposes for the muffin tin Monday linky.  We built my son's "big boy" bed today and it ended up being an all day project and basically the muffin tin idea I had must be converted into a lunchbox form for school tomorrow.

Lunchbox version:

Items used in this lunch (these are affiliate links):

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16 May 2013

Leftovers on Fridays - Circus

Time for the circus!?  Well, at least in today's lunch....

Top Box:  Leftover mashed potatoes in an elephant shape, leftover pork, and leftover gravy in the red sauce cup.

Bottom Box:  Baby carrots (on top of the cucumber scraps), lion shaped cucumbers, and yellow sunburst tomatoes.

Red  big top side cup:  Watermelon (this is the last piece!) and a blackberry.

What I used to make this bento.

Mini bento box.  Tokyo Discount

Elephant cutter.  Daiso Japan

Mini lion cutter (part of the Noah's ark set)  Sur La Table

Circus bento picks.  Ichiban Kan

Mini green silicone cup.  Cost Plus World Market

Big top cupcake container.  Target

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Link up your lunches that use leftovers.  For more information about this linky party click here.

Leftovers on Fridays

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14 May 2013

Monbento Bento Box Review

Well, I could not resist doing a French (which turned into Paris) themed lunch for this review of the French monbento bento box. 

Left Box:  Pita bread with shredded pork inside and Trader Joe's edamame crackers on the side.  I used my Eiffel tower toast stamp on the pita bread.  It did not show up very well so I decided to paint over the bread with my new natural plant based powder food coloring.

Right Box:  Watermelon Eiffel tower on top of blackberries, sweet potato coins, cucumber slices, and watermelon "Paris"

The Review

The monbento box that I received is a 2 tier box.  Each tier holds 500 ml.  This is plenty of room to pack food for all ages.  If your child is still small as mine is use the single tier only and as they get older and require more food add the second tier.  There are seven pieces in the box:  a top lid which can hold utensils and a napking, 2 intermediary lids to keep the tiers airtight, 2 box containers (aka tiers), 1 divider, and 1 elastic band to hold the lunch box together.  Both of the intermediary lids have vent hole plugs that can be removed for microwaving your lunch.  The box is microwave and dishwasher safe.  The outside of the box is a "soft touch" plastic.  The lunchbox is BPA free.  The inside has been stain resistant for me, however, the outter "soft touch" plastic does stain.  I have a small blackberry stain on the outside of my lunchbox.  I would recommend buying one of the colored boxes to help camouflage some of those accidental stains on the outside of the box.  The monbento is designed in France but made in China.  There is a (funny to me) disclaimer in the pamphlet that the product is not a toy and should be kept out of reach of children.  However, my four year old has been using it and remains unharmed :-)

Overall, we love our monbento.  I can use it for my kids or it can be used for myself or my husband. We give it two thumbs up!  You can see the other lunches I have packed in our monbento here

Monbento is actually hosting a giveaway right now and from what I can decipher from the rules written in French it ends on September 13th.  They are giving away one iPad and 100 bentos in celebration of launching their new app.  Click the button below to enter!

*I did receive a monbento box in exchange for this review.  All product information is from their website or product pamphlet and all opinions are based on my own use of this product.

What I used to make this bento.

Monbento bento box.  Monbento.com

Alphabet cutters.  Michaels

Fred and Friends Eiffel Tower toast stamp.  Amazon

Eiffel tower cutter.  Bento USA

Natural plant based food coloring.  Chocolatecraftkits.com

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13 May 2013

Airplane Bento

 An airplane lunch today.

Top Box:  Pineapple chunks, pretzels, clementine pieces, and an airplane sandwich made with an English muffin, sausage, and American cheese.
Bottom Box:  Another airplane sandwich, yellow sunburst tomatoes, black olives, cucumber pieces, and goldfish.
What I used to make this bento.
Tiffin box.  Cost Plus World Market
Red silicone cup.  Cost Plus World Market
Mini airplane cutter.  Daiso Japan
Airplane shaped silicone cup.  Daiso Japan
Airplane bento picks.  Ebay
Leaf baran.  Daiso Japan.
Same or similar items found here:
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