10 April 2013

Yo Gabba Gabba & A FooDoodler Review

I was inspired by BentoMonsters' post in which she used a Daiso sandwich cutter to make popular characters.  I took on the challenge to make something unexpected out of this same sandwich cutter.  The idea came to me a few days ago and I used the cutter to make Yo Gabba Gabba characters.


Top Row:  Cherry tomatoes with tortilla and peanut butter "Foofa" sandwich, cutie orange cut in two with a tortilla and peanut butter "Brobee" sandwich, and blackberries with a tortilla and pastrami "Plex" sandwich.

Bottom Row:  Veggie chips with tortilla and pastrami "Tooddee" sandwich and a pineapple ring the a "Muno" cupcake pick.  (This pick is actually a monster pick but I thought it looked a lot like Muno!)

To transform the regular cut outs from this cutter to Yo Gabba Gabba characters I did add a few things.  I added a flower to Foofa.  I added the third triangle to Brobbe by just cutting it off the bottom piece of tortilla and "gluing" it with peanut butter.  For Plex I used the bear portion of the cutter and cut the ears off but used them to make the circle above his head. 
To color in the detail of the characters I used the professional series fine line FooDoodler markers that were sent to me to review.
If you follow my blog on a regular basis you know that I have used the regular FooDoodler markers since I started making bento lunches.  I love these markers!  They work great on the foods that I use regularly.  Specifically tortilla.  They work well on bread also.  The fine line markers worked great in this particular bento because the area to be drawn and colored in was so small.  FooDoodler markers contain FDA approved edible food coloring. 
What I used to make this bento.
Sandwich cutter.  Daiso Japan
Spencer bento box.  Pottery Barn Kids
Monster cupcake pick.  A cake shop
Professional series fine line FooDoodler markers.  FooDoodler.com
Flower vegetable cutter.  Bento USA
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  1. This really made me smile today! So cute and incredibly clever!


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