03 April 2013

Spring In A PlanetBox

It is finally starting to warm up where I live and it is starting to feel more like Spring!  YAY!  Now if only the wind would die down.....

Starting at the top:  Applesauce with flower sprinkles, clementine orange,  cherry tomatoes, and tatter tots.

In the middle:  Annie's graham bunnies

Bottom:  Cucumbers, blackberries, and a flower sandwich.  The sandwich is mad with blue corn tortilla and pastrami.  There is a yellow pepper circle for decoration and it is "glued on" with sunbutter.

What I used to make this bento.
PlanetBox.  Pottery Barn Kids
Flower cookie cutter.  Target
Butterfly silicone cup.  Christmas Tree Shop
Bento picks (ladybug, flower, & leaf)  Bento USA
Small circle cutter (part of a set)  Bento USA

Flower cutter and stamp.  Bento USA

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  1. Such a pretty lunch, reminds me that spring is on the horizon, even if it did snow here today!


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