19 April 2013

Leftovers on Fridays - DIY Fajita Tacos

This week's leftovers lunch is a "do it yourself" lunch.  My daughter loves to be able to make her own lunch at preschool.  She has eaten every morsel of the previous DIY lunches I have made her and they are high on her request list.

Top Box:  Strawberry slices and Mango chunks.
Bottom Box:  Leftover chicken fajita (chicken, black olives, onions, and peppers), shredded cheese, rice, and black beans.

Side:  Blue corn tortilla.

   What I used to make this bento.
Green Sprouts alligator bento box.  Amazon
Square silicone cups.  Daiso Japan
Red and green silicone cups.  Cost Plus World Market
Alligator pick.  Bento USA
Same or similar items found here:


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  1. Super cute box! We had fajitas last night and happen to have some leftovers for today's bento, too!


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