22 April 2013

Earth Day Birthday - Muffin Tin Meal

My little boy was born on Earth Day two years ago.  I decided to do a twist on this muffin tin meal to make it work for both occasions.

 Back row (the birthday row):  Strawberries, yellow sunburst tomatoes, and oyster crackers.

Front row (Earth Day row):  Clementine orange globe with North and South America drawn on. Cucumbers make the cab of the recycle truck with a black olive tire. I used the cucumber skin to make the window and headlight details. The body of the recycle truck is a peanut butter and tortilla sandwich.  I used PB Crave razzle dazzle (my little ones favorite) in the sandwich. There is another black olive tire.  The details were drawn on with my FooDoodler fine line markers.

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What I used to make this muffin tin meal.

Muffin Tin.  Albertsons (Yay!  I finally got a new one)

Cake slice silicone cups.  Oriental Trading Co.

Professional series fine line FooDoodler markers.  FooDoodler.com

Balloon cupcake pick.  A cake shop

Kitchen scissors.

Birthday candles.

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  1. Love this, so cute! Happy birthday to your little boy!

  2. Very very cute! Love the recycling truck!

  3. Happy Day! I'm sure this made his day with the cute trucks and favorites!


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