01 May 2013

Dora the Explorer is made from grilled cheese and decorated with candy eyes, tortilla mouth colored with a FooDoodler marker and cocoa almond butter on tortilla as her hair.  The rest of the lunch includes:  black olives, a swiper the fox My Fruity Faces edible sticker on a piece of banana, cucumber slices with Dora edible sticker, a rolled up slice of turkey as the map, and apple slices with backpack edible sticker for decoration.

I always pack my lunches in the evening and they are then refrigerated till the next morning.  I was wondering how the My Fruity Faces edible stickers would hold up over that period of time.  Here is what it looked like the next morning....

I was pretty surprised!  It looked pretty much the same.  The Dora sticker on the cucumber was the most unrecognizable, she kind of melted too much into a little bit of a blur.  Otherwise, the rest of the characters are recognizable.  I am pretty impressed with how well they held up overnight.  The stickers definitely last longer on dryer foods.  The banana sticker held up the best, then the apples.  If you use wetter foods in your lunches just wait till morning to place the stickers and they should be fine until lunch time!

Overall, I really like the My Fruity Faces edible stickers.  They can turn an ordinary lunch into an extraordinary lunch in just seconds!!!  They are also fun for healthy snacks at home.  My kids got a kick out of eating "stickers".

What I used to make this bento.

ECOluncbox.  Ecolunchboxes.com

FooDoodler marker.  FooDoodler.com

Small Plastic Deco cutter.  Bento USA

My Fruity Faces Dora edible stickers.  MyFruityFaces.com

Red silicone cup.  Cost Plus World Market

Heart silicone cup.  Daiso Japan

Same or similar items found here: 


  1. Adorable lunch; How did you keep that banana looking so fresh over night?

  2. @Anonymous
    I brush a small amount of lemon juice all over the banana with a pastry brush. This keeps bananas, apples, and pears from browning. Thanks for stopping by!


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