22 March 2013

Easter Muffin Tin Meal

We had spring break this week and today I finally made a fun little muffin tin lunch.  I feel so behind with the cutesy Easter lunches.

Top Row:  Watermelon cubes,  sesame honey almonds, and applesauce with flower sprinkles.

Bottom Row:  Rice bunny made with rice, blue corn tortilla ears, candy eyes, and the stem of a bunny lip pop sucker.  Next are carrots then a hard boiled egg shaped into a bunny on a bed of multi colored sweet pepper "Easter grass".

Close up of that cute rice bunny.
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What I used to make this muffin tin meal.
Muffin Tin.  I think I bought this at Dollar Tree.
FooDoodler markers.  Sur La Table.  (Also available at foodoodler.com)
Stem of the bunny lip pop.  Dollar Tree
Bunny egg mold.  Discount Tokyo
Blue silicone prep bowl.  Cost Plus World Market
Green flower shaped silicone cup.  Daiso Japan
Baby chic silicone cup.  Bento USA
Lettuce silicone cup.  Bento USA
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