24 March 2013

Easter Bunny and Baby Chick Bento

Back to school tomorrow.  This is the first Easter bento of the week to celebrate the upcoming holiday.

Top left:  Baby chick is a hard boiled egg cut open and decorated with blackberry eyes and carrot beak.  He is held together with a toothpick in the back.  I saw lots of different versions of these on pinterest.  Most of them were deviled eggs.  The baby chick is sitting on a bed of green pepper "Easter grass".

Top right:  Blackberries and oyster crackers in the bunny cup.

Bottom:  Baby carrots, flower cucumbers, and a peanut butter and blue corn tortilla bunny sandwich with a marshmallow cotton tail, blackberry eye, and angel hair pasta whiskers.

What I used to make this bento.

EasyLunchbox Bright.  EasyLunchboxes.com
 Pink silicone cup.  JList.com
 Bunny cookie cutter.  Target
 Flower cutter and stamp.  Bento USA
Lettuce cup.  Bento USA
Bunny silicone cup.  Bento USA
Paring knife.

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  1. Very cute! I especially like your "Easter grass"!

  2. Ahhh this is so so cute! Thanks for linking up to Meatless Monday!

  3. Love the egg, I could never cut one so pretty, no back up I can't even peel one pretty :)

  4. @Eileen Shows
    This was actually one of the eggs that was damaged during the boiling process and I did not want to use it n the bunny egg mold. Lol! :-)


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