05 March 2013

Chomp, Chomp

So, not every lunch can be an awesome one!  This mama is feeling a little under the weather today.  This lunch wins the title of fastest lunch made by me.  It was made in less than 5 minutes!  Thanks to my FunBites cutter for cutting up the piece of pizza in 10 seconds :-)

Thanks to FunBites, cute chomping animal picks, and a LunchBots Trio a fast and simple lunch can have a little cuteness too!

Left compartment: Strawberries.

Right compartment:  Cherry tomatoes and cucumber slices.

Bottom compartment:  Leftover pizza with mushrooms and black and green olives.

What I used to make this bento.
LunchBots Trio.  LunchBots.com
FunBites cube it cutter.  FunBites.com
Chomping animal picks.  Bento USA
Flower silicone cup.  Cost Plus World Market
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