26 March 2013

Bunny Hello Kitty Onigiri

Today I had "too much time on my hands" and set out to try a new technique.  I wanted to make stuffed onigiri to match my Hello Kitty Easter treat container.  In case you have no idea what onigiri is it is a rice ball.

Top Left:  Applesauce with flower sprinkles.

Top Right:  Annie's chocolate and cinnamon graham crackers (they are bunny shaped).  On top is half of the bunny HK treat container.  I originally planned to put the crackers in the container, however, the container is too fat and I was unable to close the lid.

Bottom:  Two bunny Hello Kitty onigiri (rice balls) with black beans stuffed in the middle.  There is also orange and yellow sweet pepper rings.

So, I thought I was being genius and decided I would use the treat containers as the rice mold.  Not genius.  There is a reason why they make rice molds the way they do....to easily remove the rice of course!  Lets just say it was quite a challenge to ease the onigiri out of the treat container.  Next time I will just use my bunny rice mold!  I decorated the onigiri with a paint brush and food coloring gel. 

What I used to make this bento.

EasyLunchbox Bright.  EasyLunchboxes.com

Hello Kitty treat containers.  Target (You kind find very cool Easter things to dub as bento items right now!)

Hello Kitty bow pick.  Bento with Yenn

Lettuce silicone cup (not pictured)  Bento USA

Also thrown into the lunch bag a bunny fork and spoon.  Daiso Japan

Same or similar items found here:


  1. Adorable! I like the idea of black beans inside the onigiri.

  2. Precious! So cute!

  3. Adorable!! Thanks for linking up to Meatless Monday :D

  4. So cute! Thanks for linking up to Bento Blog Network this week! Voting ends in about 10 hours.

  5. So cute! I love Hello Kitty as a bunny rabbit. Thanks so much for sharing!


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