14 February 2013

You're A Star

Today's lunch is a star themed lunch made from leftover blue corn pancakes.  These pancakes were my husband's creation.  Since it is still national pancake week, I thought it was fitting to use his leftover pancakes in this lunch.

Top Box:  Carrot sticks, black olives, star fruit, and strawberries.

Bottom Box:  Leftover blue corn pancakes, syrup, and peanut butter in the red container.

What I used to make this bento.
Monbento bento box. Monbento.com
Mini dipper.  EasyLunchboxes.com
Mini star cookie cutter.  Sur La Table
Square silicone cup.  Daiso Japan
Blue sauce container.  Bento USA
Same or similar items found here:



1 comment :

  1. Such a pretty lunch, Anna! And yummy and healthy, too! Thanks for the link up! :)


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