03 February 2013

International Fake Mustache Day

Do you know what today is?  Yes, it is Super Bowl Sunday.....but that's not what I am talking about.  Today is also International Fake Mustache Day.  The bento bloggers and friends decided to celebrate it the way that we do best...with a blog hop!  Click the mustache button to follow along the hop and see every ones creative mustache lunches.

Top Left:  Applesauce with candy eyes and a mustache cupcake ring, cucumbers.

Top Right:  Cherry tomatoes sporting fake mustaches (these are actually drink markers) and one has a top hat cupcake topper.  Also in the compartment are black olives and yellow pepper rings.

Bottom:  Strawberries and mustache tortilla sandwiches (one has turkey and the other has peanut butter)

This lunch is packed in my LunchBots Trio which has also been adorned with a fake mustache.

Now hop on over to all things for sale and see what mustache lunch JeeJee has made. 

What I used to make this bento.

LunchBots.  LunchBots.com

Fred and Friends mustache sandwich cutter.  Black Hound Gallerie

Mustache drink markers (left out of photo)  Sur La Table

Top hat and mustache ring.  A cake shop

Silicone prep bowl.  Cost Plus World Market

Lettuce baran.  Bento USA

Candy eyes.  Walmart

FooDoodler marker.  Sur La Table

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  1. I love the applesauce! great job!

  2. I love your applesauce mustache man!

  3. Love that applesauce face and 'stache!

  4. Such cuteness! Particularly love the applesauce!

  5. Cute and yummy! I love that applesauce face!

  6. So cute! I may need a crustache by next movember. Applesauce stache is too cute!

  7. Thanks to everyone for the nice comments!


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