24 February 2013

Happy Birthday!

Today is my daughter's fourth birthday.  I made her a "birthday" lunch for preschool tomorrow.

Left side:  Peanut butter and banana sandwich with a drizzle of honey and goldfish.  The number 4 is from a piece of fruit roll up. I sprinkled the top portion of the sandwich with yellow cupcake sugar to give it a little shimmer.

Right side:  Cherry tomatoes, orange wedges, and strawberries.

I packed this in our Hello Kitty shaped bento box since the party was Hello Kitty themed.

Here are some photos of the cute cupcakes.

The cupcakes were so easy! The cupcake decorations are Hello Kitty marshmallow treats I found  at Target while I was cruising the Easter aisle!

What I used to make this bento.

Hello Kitty bento box.  Amazon

Birthday cake Lunch Punch.  thelunchpunch.com

Grass baran.  Daiso japan
Number 4 fondant cutter.  Michaels

Small party hat pick.  Bento USA

Balloon and party hat cupcake picks.  A cake shop.

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  1. Adorable birthday lunch! And such cute cupcakes! Happy Birthday to your little one :) Thanks for linking up to Meatless Monday!


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