06 February 2013

Butterflies and a Fairy

I really need to get to the grocery store.  I had to really look around the refrigerator and the pantry to scrounge something together.  I did a cute little butterfly theme to match my new Monbento box.

In this lunch:  Red and yellow pepper rings, black beans, a little butterfly cut from artichoke ravioli, mangoes, hard boiled egg with imprinted "bon appetit" (how cute is that!), and green grapes.

What I used to makt this bento.
Monbento bento box.  Monbento.com  (this comes with two tiers but I am opting to use only one tier today)
Pink lace imprinted silicone cup.  JList.com
Mini butterfly cutter.  Daiso Japan
Fairy cupcake pick.  A cake shop
Butterfly silicon cup.  Christams tree shop
Bon appetit egg mold.  Monbento.com
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