06 January 2013

Hello Kitty

I have been collecting some new Hello Kitty gear.  Yesterday, I got the last of it.  This means it is time for another Hello Kitty bento.  She may be showing up in more lunches to come!

Today we have:  Club crackers, peanut butter in the hello kitty cup, string cheese, carrot sticks, clementine wedges, cherry tomatoes, and blueberries with a few hello kitty sprinkles.

Meatless Monday

Close up of the inside of the hello kitty sauce container.

What I used to make this bento.

Hello Kitty bento box.  (A bento blogger friend picked this up for me in England)  $$$

Hello Kitty heart shaped silicone cup.  (Yet another bento blogger friend picked this up for me in Japan!)*

Hello Kitty sausage cutter and deco pick.  *Japan

Hello Kitty food picks.  *Japan

Lace and flower baran.  Daiso Japan. $

Hello Kitty sauce cup.  Bento & Co.  $$

Same or similar items found here.


  1. Loving the new HK Bento items and their contents!! I'm sure your daughter is having fun with them as well!

  2. Hi... Love you bento and bento gears! Can you please tell me where in Japan you got the Hello Kitty food picks from?

    1. Hi, Unfortunately, I do not know where they were bought at in Japan. A friend of mine bought them on her trip to Japan and sent them to me. Sorry I am not much help :( Thanks for stopping by!


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