18 December 2012

The Polar Express

Tonight, we went on the polar express train ride.  So, I had to make a polar express themed bento for tomorrow's lunch.

Top Left:  Carrots, black olives, and yellow sunburst tomatoes.
Top Right:  Clementine (cut to look like a sleigh bell) and Trader Joe's candy can joe joes. (when you ride on the polar express they give you hot chocolate and cookies.  How can you have a polar express lunch without cookies?!)
Bottom:  "polar express"  cucumbers, train sandwich with sunbutter, bananas, and blue corn tortilla.
This was packed in my EasyLunchbox.....speaking of, have you entered my giveaway yet?  It ends on 12/23.  Don't forget to enter for your chance to win! (click the button below)
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What I used to make this bento.
EasyLunchbox.  Easylunchboxes.com  (set of 4)  $$$$
Train cookie cutter.  I got this at a gift shop at the Grand Canyon a long time ago. $
Alphabet fondant cutters.  Michaels.  $$$$
Foodoodler marker.  Sur La Table.  $
Crinkle cutter.  Pampered Chef.  $$$
Santa cupcake pick.  A cake shop. $  (not in photo)
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  1. SUPER cute!! What a brilliant idea to cut the orange peel to look like a bell! Love it!!

  2. Love your polar express! My son is going to watch it at school today and I am sure he will love this lunch. Going to pin it now and show him later :)

  3. Such a festive lunch! Creative idea with the Clementine sleigh bell.


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