10 December 2012

Sick Day Muffin Tin Meal

It has been a constant state of illness around here lately.  We are all just getting over a stomach bug and now we have been hit with the respiratory crud!  On top of that my daughter was diagnosed with an ear infection today :-(  Needless to say, we did not attend preschool today.  We did try to make the most of our "sick" day and made a fun muffin tin meal (minus the tin but with fun Christmas shaped cupcake baking cups).

Starting top left:  Crackers, black olives, chicken noodle soup, steamed broccoli and purple cauliflower, and apple slices sprinkled with cinnamon.

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What I used to make this muffin tin meal.

Pyrex baking dish.

Japanese soup bowl.  Marukai.  $

Christmas silicone cups.  Gift.  ?

Christmas cupcake picks.  A cake shop.  $

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