13 December 2012

Driving in the Snow

Happy Friday!  We are expecting a snow storm this Friday.  It will be our first of the season.  I suspect we will be driving in the snow!

From left to right:  Peanut butter with a sugar snowflake on top.  Leftover hamburger with snowflake cheese.  Tucked under the burger are crinkle cute cucumbers.  Apple snowflakes sprinkled with cinnamon. (I have just recently learned that my daughter loves to dip her apples in peanut butter).

What I used to make this bento.

Car Tiffin.  $!  (For more info about this product click here)

Large snowflake cookie cutter.  Sur La Table.  $

Mini snowflake cookie cutter.  (set)  Target.  $

Mini plastic deco cutters.  Daiso Japan.  $

Same or similar items found here:

Now, on to the linky party. There is only one established rule. The rule is that your post must use leftovers. Please grab my leftovers on Fridays button and help spread the leftovers love.

Thanks to everyone for your participation last week!  I look forward to seeing what you have done with your leftovers this week!




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