11 December 2012

A Candy Cane Lunch

Today's lunch is featuring the iconic candy cane.  My kids love candy canes.  Sometimes I think the messier the food item the more they love it :-)  Nothing like sticky pink hands and faces!  This lunch, however,  has non-sticky candy canes.

Left Box:  Pretzels and a ham and tortilla candy cane sandwich.

Right Box:  Crinkle cut carrots, black olives, candy cane shaped cucumbers, and apple slices.

What I used to make this bento.
Hello Kitty bento box.  Gift  ?
Candy cane cookie cutter (regular size)  Gift.  ?
Mini candy cane cutter (set of mini Christmas cutters)  Target.  $$
Crinkle cutter.  Pampered Chef.  $$$
Foodoodler marker.  Sur La Table.  $$
Candy cane cupcake pick (did not make it into above photo)  Cake shop.  $
Same or similar items found here:

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  1. Love the candy canes! Thanks for linking up on the Cookie Cutter Challenge! :)

  2. Very Festive indeed! This must mean that there is no more need for the "sick day" muffin tin (which was sweet to bring that element to the bedside of your sick child to cheer her up).


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