27 November 2012

Simple Holiday Lunch

I have been collecting hoarding various bento type items over the past month.  I thought it was time to break some in!  Here is the first of my holiday season bentos.

Top box:  Gingerbread man shaped pita bread, hummus, Christmas tree cucumbers, and black olives.

Bottom box:  Apple pieces sprinkled with cinnamon, clementine wedges, grapes, and yellow sunburst tomatoes.

What I used to make this bento.

Lock & Lock boxes.  Marukai.  $$$$

Christmas tree & gingerbread man cutters.  (set of 12)  Target. $$

Candy cane pick, Christmas bulb ring, and Santa hat.  A cake shop.  $

Foodoodler marker.  Sur La Table. $$

Same or similar items found here.
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  1. Tis the start of the Season! Another wonderful creation. The paper backdrop and the Christmas bulb cupcake rings really brought it all together!!


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