08 November 2012


It is Friday again.  Where are the leftovers?  Well, my little girly did not even make it to preschool Thursday because she woke up with pink eye :-(  So, no leftovers today.  We are even going to miss out on doing the letter M this week (although i may just make a letter M lunch this weekend for the kids anyway).  I am going to share a lunch that has not been posted yet.  We will just refer to it has a "leftover" lunch photo.  This lunch was actually eaten on the day after Halloween.

Left compartment:  Blue corn tortilla and turkey puzzlewich.

Top right:  Black olives and cherry tomatoes.

Bottom right: Yellow sweet pepper sticks and clementine.

What I used to make this bento.

EasyLunchbox.  EasyLunchboxes.com (set of 4)  $$

Puzzle sandwich cutter.  thelunchpunch.com  (set of 4)  $$

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