13 November 2012


The "thankful for..."  blog hop is coming up this Thursday.  I made my bento for the blog hop today and my daughter will be eating it tomorrow.  Today, I am going to share an older bento that I actually made for myself.  When I found the photo of this lunch earlier today, I realized how terrible it was.  I debated whether or not I shoud really post it.  I decided I would because everything in life is not always perfect.   I doctored up the photo as much as I could.  It is better but still bad......

Top Box:  Hard boiled egg in the shape of a fish, pickles, watermelon, and apples.
Bottom Box:  Octopus shaped hotdogs, rice shapes, and star shaped cheese.
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Also sharing a snack bento that we had on a road trip to California this summer.
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  1. Octopus hot dogs...I've never tried it! They're SO cute...maybe I will soon!!


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