05 November 2012

Election Day

Does anyone out there not know what today is?  Yes, it is the Presidential election.  I, for one, will be happy when the election is over.  I am tired of receiving soliciting political phone calls.  Apparently cell phones are not off limits for these types of calls.  Does anybody change their vote because of these calls anyway?  But, seriously, don't forget to vote today. I like this slogan: your vote is your voice, be heard!

Top Box:  Republican elephant salami and tortilla sandwich with mozzarella stars, blueberries (these are frozen), black olives, snow peas, and red sweet pepper "vote".

Bottom Box:  Cucumber stars and 2012, pomegranate seeds, democrat donkey tortilla and turkey sandwich with mozzarella stars.

What I used to make this bento.

Blue tiffin box.  Cost Plus World Market. $$$

Red and blue mini silicone cups.  Kitchen Collection. $$

Plastic starts.  Daiso Japan. $

Foodoodler markers.  Sur La Table. $$

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  1. Not only have you shown your daughter that she has a voice in this world by being able to vote and make it heard you kept it neutral - giving her a choice! I love it. It's adorable, educational and functional (not to mention looks deliciuos)!

  2. Ditto on above comment!!!! tooooo cool mom! (May I have a special lunch ready for me next week too???)

  3. Such a great lunch! I love that you included the symbols from both parties.

  4. I saw this a few months ago but didn't comment. It's a great bento!!


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