25 November 2012

Brush Your Teeth!

Can anybody guess what is happening today?

Top Box:  Red grapes and tooth sandwiches made with pumpkin butter and sunbutter.
Bottom Box:  Asparagus tooth brush with cucumber bristles, marshmallow toothpaste, red pepper (this resembled a rolled up tube of toothpaste to me), yellow sunburst tomatoes.
Another Meatless Monday!

I also packed a snack in the smallest box of the nesting box set.

Pretzels and marshmallows.  (The marshmallow kind of look like teeth to keep with the theme).

What I used to make this bento.

Paperchase nesting boxes.  Target.  $$
Paring knife.
Now, don't go kidding yourself thinking that the boxes will be easy to find!  Of course they are not.  My Target has started carrying Paperchase items, however, did not have the nesting lunch boxes.  It seems that not all Targets have these but i am guessing they eventually will.  One of my bento friends was nice enough to pick a set up for me at her Target.  (Thanks Sarah!  Her blog is Zoe's lunch box)
Bento of the Week
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  1. Awesome! I love the toothbrush with toothpaste!

  2. I'm guessing someone is going to the dentist... Love the theme and contents!

  3. Thanks for the link to Amazon Cyber Monday!

  4. The idea for tooth brush is so creative!

  5. @Lim Kayo
    Thanks Lim Kayo. I am constantly trying to think of new food items to use in lunches. Asparagus I had on hand and it was perfect for a toothbrush.

  6. OH my goodness! The toothbrush is my favorite!

  7. First dentist appointment? Dentist office tour? Zoo trip?

    What a great lunch! Love the creativity! Thanks for linking up to Tried-It-Tuesdays!

  8. Do your kids eat the pepper??????

  9. @Evdoty Yes, my kids eat the peppers. They love them. We even eat them for snack when we are home :-)


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