26 October 2012

The Letter "L" & A Linky Party

Its Friday again!  Time for some more leftovers.  How convenient is it that this weeks letter is the letter L?  Perfect for a leftovers lunch.  Also, it is the last Friday of the month and I thought I might just try something new.  I am going to host a linky party this week and see how it goes.  If you are a bento blogger scroll down to the bottom of this post and link up your leftover lunches.  This will be a fun way to see what others have done to make their leftovers look more appealing.

Left side:  Leftover linguine with mushrooms and leeks in butter sauce.

Red Lego box:  Leftover lemon chicken soup.

Right side:  Leaf shaped cucumbers and carrots,  lunch meat (ham) on a leaf pick, "L" orange slices, and olives (could not come up with a way to tie them in with the letter "L")

I opted to pack this lunch in the Lego lunch box as it starts with an L.  I am also packing a lychee nut juice box (these are found at Asian markets).

What I used to make this bento.

Lego lunch box.  The Container Store.  $$$$

Smaller Lego container.  The Container Store. $$

Leaf pick.  A Cake Shop.  $

Leaf mini cookie cutter.  $$

Leaf craft punch.  Tuesday Morning. $$

Same or similar items found here:

Start linking here.
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  1. Kendra is right. Your blog is off center and is cut off over on the right. I have to set my monitor really wide to be able to see it all.

    I linked up!

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