19 October 2012

The Letter K

Today we continue with the preschool letter theme.  This week is the letter "K".  Today's bento was inspired by my daughters "K" preschool art!  It is Friday again and its time to use some leftovers.

Starting in the top left:  Leftover key lime pie with a kiwi "k".  Kabobs of  olive, leftover beef, bell pepper, mushroom, and tomato.  The kabobs are featured on a "kiss" stir stick.  (yes, they are really lips but today they are representing a kiss).  Kiwi slices and a blue corn tortilla "K" with spinach tortilla crown.  This "K" is strategically positioned to cover the pretzels which have nothing to do with the k theme.

Inspirational Art Work
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What I used to make this bento.
Green Lego box.  The Container Store.  $$$$
Pink silicone cup.  Cost Plus World Market.  $
Yellow mini silicon cup.  Daiso Japan. $
"Kiss"  stir stick.  Target. $$  (this is a set of 8 lips and mustaches)  *I cut the end off *
Foodoodler markers.  Sur La Table. $$
Letter K fondant cutter.  Michaels.  $$$$
Plastic crown cutter.  Daiso Japan. $
Pairing knife.
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